How long will a Short Sale take?

The average short sale takes about 6-8 months. We have even seen short sales close as fast as 3 months from start to finish. Once we go into more detail about your particular case, we can give you a better frame of reference.

While a foreclosure is faster than a short sale, there are many different cons to letting the property go. Even though a short sale can take a little longer, it can also provide you with:

  1. Saved credit and debt elimination;

  2. More free rent time in the home; and

  3. The reimbursement of moving costs.

What next?

Each Short Sale is unique, and the time frame involved depends on many different situations. Call us today at (703) 782-8100 or fill out our Contact form for a FREE, no commitment, evaluation on whether you may qualify for a Short Sale.

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